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Patient families, survivors, caregivers, researchers, doctors, advocates, and everyone at the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation are glad you’re here. Because together, we are making a difference.

This community is making an impact on the development and approval of new treatments for childhood brain cancer:  

  • PBTF funding of MEK-related studies from basic science through clinical trials has contributed to the discoveries of  Tafinlar + Mekinist and other MEK-targeting treatments for children with low-grade glioma.  
  • Day One Biopharmaceuticals announced just this month a completed rolling NDA submission to the FDA for the use of Tovorafenib in children with relapsed low-grade gliomas.
  • PBTF is taking a bold step toward a better future for patient families by hosting an externally-led patient-focused drug development (EL-PFDD) meeting focusing on pediatric low-grade glioma (PLGG) in Winter 2024. We’ll bring together researchers, regulatory authorities, partner organizations, pharmaceutical manufacturers, scientists, doctors, and families to create the foundation for a roadmap for future drug development.  

The problem is growing. Research funding isn’t keeping up. 

Every year, the number of pediatric lowgrade brain tumor diagnoses in the United States grows. So does the number of patients who survive and live on into their teens, 20s, 30s, and beyond. But, because treatment approaches and care standards haven’t changed significantly in the past 40 years, survivors face a lifelong series of challenges that affect their learning, cognition, and quality of life. 

More research is needed to make better treatments a reality and give patient families brighter futures. 

PBTF is committed to filling the science funding gap. 

Too much promising science is unfunded. We have a plan to change this.  

We just approved four new research projects that focus on low-grade pediatric brain tumors and hold the potential to identify new therapies and therapeutic targets. The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation and our scientific advisory network are committing to these projects because they address critical gaps in knowledge required for the development of breakthrough therapies.

Specifically, these projects will test novel therapies against known pathways involved in the development of pediatric low-grade gliomas, assess primary tumor tissue using cutting-edge technology to identify and characterize new therapeutic targets, and provide the foundational scientific information necessary to continue identifying additional therapeutic targets. Given the heterogeneity of pediatric low-grade tumors, this is critical to improving outcomes for all patients afflicted by pediatric low-grade brain tumors. 

There is more critical research like the projects described above that cannot wait. We are raising $200,000 before September 30, 2023, to fund this urgent need.

You can help.

Your gift makes critical scientific research possible. When you donate before September 30, you’re making a commitment to accelerating progress toward better treatments and futures for kids and their families. Every dollar PBTF invests in research attracts an average of 12 more dollars in follow-on funding. That means that every dollar you give before the end of the month is worth another 12 dollars to scientists looking for new treatments.


A Community of Supporters Powers PBTF’s Mission

The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation is grateful for a community that refuses to let childhood cancer steal kids’ futures. These are a few ways you and others in the community can support this critical mission. 

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“When my son Jack was in treatment and we were yearning for a success story, the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation gave us hope. We’re proud to partner with the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation to redefine how pediatric low-grade gliomas and other brain tumors are treated so that one day doctors can truly stop these tumors in their tracks, eliminate the chance of them returning, and prevent children from being left with the side effects that chemotherapy and surgery can cause. Together, we got this.”

– Tony Giorgio, donor and advocate