Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation and Catching Up With Jack Team Up to Fund Critical Research Technology at University of Michigan

The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation’s funding is helping researchers advance methods to more quickly and accurately diagnose and monitor childhood brain cancers. We teamed up with longtime funding partner Catching Up With Jack to bring the QIAcube, an innovative and advanced centrifuge technology, to Dr. Carl Koschmann’s Koschmann Lab at the University of Michigan. 

National Cancer Institute’s Small Business Innovation Research Program Seeks Radical Ideas to Transform Pediatric and Rare Cancer Care

Children with brain tumors deserve the brightest and most imaginative minds working on the next research breakthrough, but funding for untested bold ideas can be hard to find. If you have a radical idea to transform cancer care for children facing the deadliest childhood disease, the National Cancer Institute’s Small Business Innovation Research program wants to talk to you.

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