National Cancer Institute’s Small Business Innovation Research Program Seeks Radical Ideas to Transform Pediatric and Rare Cancer Care

Children with brain tumors deserve the brightest and most imaginative minds working on the next research breakthrough, but funding for untested bold ideas can be hard to find. If you have a radical idea to transform cancer care for children facing the deadliest childhood disease, the National Cancer Institute’s Small Business Innovation Research program wants to talk to you.

FDA Approves First Combination Targeted Therapy for Most Common Pediatric Brain Cancer

Low-grade gliomas are the most common pediatric brain cancer, and children with the BRAF V600 mutation typically experience poor survival outcomes and a less favorable response to chemotherapy, the current standard of care. With the FDA’s approval, Tafinlar + Mekinist is the first targeted therapy since chemotherapy that is approved as a first-line option for pediatric patients with BRAF V600E LGG.

Seizure First Aid for Pediatric Brain Tumor Families: Tips to Recognize and Help Someone Having a Seizure

A seizure can be one of the first signs of a brain tumor. They are also one of the most common late-term side effects that pediatric brain tumor patients and survivors experience after treatment. Having a seizure, or being with someone when they're having a seizure, can be terrifying.  Because seizures can affect anyone, at any age, understanding what a seizure is and how to help someone having a seizure is important knowledge for everyone. For caregivers and loved ones of a child with a brain tumor, it's essential.

American Motorcyclist Association Award Recognizes Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation’s Community Impact

The American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) has named the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation the 2022 Recreational Road Riding Organizer of the Year. AMA’s annual Racing and Organizer Awards recognize standout individuals and organizations from AMA-sanctioned competition and recreational endeavors for their profound impact in the motorcycling community. The longest-running national motorcycle charity program, the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation’s Ride for Kids provides road and offroad riders, racers, groups, and members of the moto industry the opportunity to help families facing the deadliest childhood disease: pediatric brain cancer.

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