Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation Returns as No-Shave November Nonprofit Partner to Increase Support for Families Facing Most Commonly Diagnosed Childhood Cancer

Childhood brain cancer is a growing threat to families across the country. The most commonly diagnosed childhood cancer, pediatric brain tumors are also the leading cause of death by disease for children under 19. Ending pediatric brain cancer and addressing the profound developmental, emotional and financial impact it has on families requires a united effort. The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation is excited to team up with No-Shave November for the second year in a row to shine a light on the childhood cancer community’s biggest crisis.

Since its establishment in 2009, No-Shave November has been been a rallying cry for like-minded nonprofits from across the cancer community, partnering to raise awareness about cancer’s impact, educating a greater number of individuals about cancer prevention and research, and providing support to patients, survivors, and families. Last November, the PBTF community topped the No-Shave November nonprofit leaderboard — raising over $79,000 in one month for children with brain cancer and their families.

Geoff Still, a 2021 No-Shave November participant and PBTF’s Chief Financial Officer & Operating Officer, understands first-hand the impact No-Shave November supporters have on children, survivors and families:

“My life forever changed on May 5, 2016, when my son Eze had emergency surgery to remove a mass from his brain. I joined a club no one ever wants to join when days later we learned the mass was cancerous,” he shares. “My family was lucky with my son’s recovery, but so many families don’t experience the same fate. More children under the age of 19 are diagnosed and dying from brain cancer than ever before, yet funding for childhood cancers is greatly outpaced by funding for adults. The impact made through the No-Shave November efforts will give more hope to families and bring us one step closer to finding a cure.”

“We’re hoping our name helps bring more awareness to these incredible organizations,” says Monica Hill, Matthew Hill Foundation, Inc. President. “No-Shave November has become synonymous with fundraising for cancer and we are extremely proud of that. If we can get our donors to see these nonprofits doing groundbreaking work from prevention to survivor support to researching for a cure…we think that will make a lasting impact.”

Join the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation this November by gathering your co-workers, friends, and families, ditching your razors, and canceling your waxing appointments. Register or donate today at and choose ‘Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation’ from the ‘Select Partnership’ dropdown to direct your support to the PBTF community (non-designated gifts will be shared with PBTF and all participating nonprofits).

About the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation
No parent believes their child will be diagnosed with brain cancer. When it happens, no patient, parent, sibling, or survivor should have to stand alone. The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation is there for families facing the deadliest and most common childhood cancer, responding with resources and community support that address every family member’s needs. The largest patient advocacy funder of pediatric brain tumor research, PBTF also funds and advocates for innovative projects that lead to vital discoveries, new clinical trials, and better treatments – all bringing us closer to a cure. We’re able to do that because of people and partners committed to supporting families and ending childhood brain cancer. Learn more at

About No-Shave November
No-Shave November is a fundraising campaign operated by the Matthew Hill Foundation, Inc., a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. No-Shave November was reinvented by the Chicago-based Hill Family: grow with a purpose and raise money for charity. This initiative was inspired by the Hills’ late father, Matthew, who passed away from colon cancer in November 2007. From a few Facebook followers willing to donate their hard-earned money to thousands of donors championing against cancer, No-Shave November has become a global celebration. No-Shave November is now operated by the Matthew Hill Foundation, Inc. (est. 2015), but holds the same goals. No-Shave November promises to keep raising money for cancer prevention, education, and research and to let that hair grow in the process. No-Shave November believes that together, anything is possible, and we’ll get closer to eradicating cancer one whisker at a time!