We need cures. We need action: A mother’s perspective on pediatric brain cancer

I remember April 28th, 2018 – the day my son Ezra was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

I remember his perfect round face and how he ran around on toddler feet all morning.  I remember how swollen my eyes were from crying later that night having lived through my worst nightmare, wondering if I’d ever be okay again.

Most parents never think this could be their story one day, too. Right up until the minute we heard the words “your baby has a large mass in his brain” I honestly hadn’t ever considered that babies could get brain cancer.

May is Brain Tumor Awareness Month, and the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation community will recognize this disease’s impact on families. We will share our stories. We will call on you and others to take action.

I’m honored to be part of the movement to end childhood brain cancer and to share our story with you. Throughout our journey, my family has gained perspective. I used to make myself sick worrying about long-term things. I mourned that Ezra wouldn’t be able to play sports again because of his vision loss. My bones ached that he would never be able to drive.

Then this past Fall happened. We received news that Ezra’s tumor had grown and his chemotherapy was no longer working. Surgery lasted nine hours, and made little difference in his outlook. To make matters worse, Ezra’s incision began leaking cerebral fluid, he felt unimaginable pain, and he began vomiting, which required a shunt.

It was an impossible situation.

My perspective changed. Worries about the future became worries about this day, this minute. I no longer trouble myself with the future. Perspective lies in the present. It’s the painful shock of a seasoned veteran who doesn’t want to see this disease happen to other beautiful babies.

We need cures.
We need action.
We need you to join the movement and donate

– Ramona King, Ezra’s Mom