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The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation’s Brain Trust is a community of monthly donors whose dedicated support helps close the research funding gap for children with brain tumors, elevate the profile of this rare disease, and support families through their cancer journey.


Strengthen Your Investment in Our Mission to Care. Cure. Thrive.

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No family should have to face their child’s brain tumor diagnosis alone. Your consistent generosity connects families with a community of allies, empowering them with patient education, financial relief, and emotional support.



When you join the Brain Trust, you help us fund and advocate for innovative research that's leading to vital discoveries, new clinical trials, and better treatments – all bringing us closer to a cure.



Your monthly donation provides a thriving community for children, survivors, and families through treatment and beyond. Through your compassion, we equip survivors and their families with crucial resources for navigating life after treatment.


Here’s What Your Steadfast Support Can Do

  • $13 a month can connect a family with a community of support as soon as symptoms start
  • $20 a month can prepare a survivor and their caregivers for life after treatment
  • $25 a month can foster global collaboration to accelerate the development of new treatments
  • $50 a month can develop tomorrow’s scientific leaders and bring their groundbreaking ideas to life
  • $75 a month can provide critical financial assistance to a family overwhelmed by medical costs
  • $100 a month can unlock a world of new treatments for children with brain tumors
A world without brain tumors is a world where a child gets to grow up unhindered by the weight of illness, missed life events, altered dreams, explanations, hopeful acceptance of one’s appearance and bodily movements, and most pointedly for us, hopeful acceptance of our child’s many differences and challenges as a result of his brain tumor. Kathleen M., mom to 23-year-old brain tumor survivor, Nicholas


Meet the Brain Trust

“Our commitment to the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation starts with our 12-year-old goddaughter, Quinn, who is living with a childhood brain tumor. While Quinn lives as normal of a life as she can, her tumor cannot be removed and her fight will be lifelong. That’s why we commit to making a monthly contribution.

I know my consistent gift is making a difference for children like Quinn facing a devastating diagnosis and for their families struggling to get through an unthinkably difficult situation. I hope you’ll join me as a member of the Brain Trust today because kids like Quinn can’t wait another day for a cure.”

– The Pollacek family, members of the Brain Trust since 2017



Can’t give monthly? Giving looks different for everyone, and with options to donate through estate planning, vehicle donation, and more, you’re empowered to find the way that works best for you. If you can’t join the Brain Trust today, you can still make an impact that works for families—and for you.

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