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When a family finds out their child has brain cancer, life as they know it stops. Their new reality is filled with uncertainty and fear, and knowing where to turn to for help can be difficult.

By streaming and fundraising with PBTF GameON, you’ll help families facing a child’s brain cancer diagnosis find the resources, support, and community they need for the long and difficult road ahead.

Just fill out the form below and we’ll send you information to help you set up your fundraising page on Tiltify and plan your stream. Together, we’ll change families’ lives!

We Stream for Kids Like Jayden

Jayden is an adventurous 16-year-old brain tumor survivor with a passion for all things video games and anime, just like his dad, Twitch content creator @HeyYoAl. Recently, Jayden’s family shared the special moment of him ringing the bell to celebrate his completion of treatment. Thanks to content creators’ fundraising streams, the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation is able to fund critical research that gives kids like Jayden a chance to thrive.

To have the opportunity to discuss Jayden’s story and struggles while getting to spend time with one of the families the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation helps truly inspires me and my community to work even harder to support this amazing cause. I get to see firsthand what we are streaming for and why we need to continue spreading awareness to the world! CupC4ke (@cupc4kegaming), Content Creator and PBTF GameON Ambassador

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