Ian Joyce

Chief Marketing and Mission Experience Officer

Ian Joyce leads the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation’s work to grow awareness of the devastating impact of pediatric brain tumors and mobilize and unite patient families and supporters to advance our mission of a world without childhood brain cancer.  Ian has more than three decades experience as a marketing strategist, leader in digital transformation, and advisor to nonprofits. He brings to his role a consistent record of delivering creative, innovative, and effective solutions to organizations.

Ian is responsible for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation’s brand and marketing, family support and advocacy strategies, as well as collaborating across the organization to accelerate the foundation’s digital-first but not digital-only transformation. Before joining the foundation, Ian’s career included corporate marketing and advertising agency leadership, and founding a digital consultancy that served clients in multiple industries including healthcare, supply chain management, education and financial services.

Ian lives in North Carolina with his son Elijah. He is an avid traveler, reader, cook, and supporter of Charlotte FC soccer, and a graduate of the University of Tennessee. A longtime volunteer and advisor to JDRF, he is a member of their Global Mission Board, where he focuses on volunteer activation to support JDRF’s vision of a world without type one diabetes.

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