Optimizing Targeted Inhibition to Overcome Tumor Resistance and/or Rebound Growth

Award: $190,047 over 1 year (2022-2023)
Principal Investigators: Dr. Mimi Bandopadhayay, Dana Farber Cancer Institute
Funding Partners: Jack’s Drive55

This project aims to help researchers understand how interactions between a child’s developing brain and pediatric low-grade gliomas (pLGGs) affect the growth trajectory of the tumors and how MAPK inhibitors affect this interaction. Researchers also aim to understand how plasticity across cell states within pLGGs influences patients’ response and rebound to targeted inhibitors. Ultimately, this knowledge will be used to determine strategies to optimize the use of MAPK inhibitors to induce apoptosis rather than dormancy of pLGG cells, while minimizing effects on brain development.

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