PLGA: Dedicated Tumor Banking and Establishment of Cell Lines and Xenografts

A major roadblock hindering investigations into the various types of PLGA is the lack of frozen tissue or renewable tumor models such as cell lines and xenografts. Several factors have contributed to this. First, such tumors are rare, and have not been a research priority at most institutions. Second, surgical resections are often small, and the limited tissue available has gone to pathology for diagnosis, with little or none reserved for research. Finally, because of their relatively indolent growth, it has been difficult to develop cell line or xenograft models. This project by Charles G. Eberhart M.D., Ph.D., Kenneth Cohen M.D., Eli Bar Ph.D., and Peter Burger M.D., describes a strategy designed to harvest tissue from the majority of PLGA and other pediatric brain tumors resected at Johns Hopkins to overcome these barriers through the commitment of dedicated personnel; better-integration between neurosurgery, neuropathology and neurooncology; and the utilization of improved laboratory technologies enabling the establishment of cell lines and xenografts.

Funded in 2009.

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