The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation, the world’s nonprofit leader dedicated to children and teens with brain tumors, announces a new fundraising effort in partnership with the video game community.  PBTF GameON gives livestreamers, game developers, esports organizations, and anyone who works and plays with video games the opportunity to raise awareness and funds for pediatric brain cancer research and family support.

Coinciding with PBTF’s #CancelKidsCancer initiative for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, PBTF GameON will launch with a week-long fundraising drive Sept. 25-Oct. 3.

The launch event will bring together members of the video game community on Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube, as well as families impacted by a child’s brain tumor diagnosis, to livestream games and share their experiences. Every dollar raised helps PBTF fund research to cure the deadliest childhood cancer and equip families with the information, emotional support, and financial assistance they need.

“Childhood brain cancer is a tenacious, devastating disease that needs an army of supporters who are even more tenacious to defeat it. PBTF is always exploring new ways to raise awareness and add to this army. We’re excited to build on the incredible efforts of recent PBTF charity livestreams by launching PBTF GameON this September. Together, we can cancel kids’ cancer. Together, we can cure the kids,” says Courtney Davies, President and CEO of the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.

To support PBTF GameON’s efforts, the foundation invites anyone interested in hosting an event or participating in one of the launch’s gaming marathons to email [email protected]. The PBTF GameON fundraiser bundle and Tiltify campaign can also be found here.

“Pediatric brain tumor research is severely underfunded in this country,” says Kristin Moran, whose son Brannon participated in a recent livestream with Facebook Gaming creator and PBTF GameON ambassador GG Fyre. “We are lucky that even though Brannon was high risk, he is still with us five years later. As a result of the effects of his treatment, he has been left with many challenges. Participating in GG Fyre’s PBTF GameON livestream, which raised critically needed funds for this cause, really made Brannon feel so special and helped boost his self-esteem. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to GG Fyre and everyone who supports the PBTF!”

Visit today to learn more about PBTF GameON and how you can get involved.


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