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Chemotherapy is a kind of medicine to treat pediatric brain tumors. It is given by mouth or through a needle into a child’s vein.

Treating Brain Tumors With Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is a kind of medicine given to treat childhood brain tumors. Some kinds of chemotherapy can be given by mouth in the form of a liquid or a pill. Others are injected into a child’s vein through a needle (called an IV). Your treatment team will choose the kind of chemotherapy they think will work best on your child’s specific tumor.

Talking to Your Child About Chemotherapy

Age-appropriate videos can help parents and caregivers talk with children about cancer. The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation’s Imaginary Friend Society is a series of short, animated videos that talk about cancer-related topics in a kid-friendly way. In the following video, Uni the unicorn helps make sense of chemotherapy, explains why it’s important, and offers a glimpse into some of the side effects.



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